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Get Title of an App that has a changing Title..

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ok, hope someone knows what i'm talkin about.. but I have foobar2000, and the titlebar text is always in this format: %artist% - %title%

so say i was listening to: Static-X - Night Terrors the "Title:" line of Autoit 3 Window Info, says "Static-X - Night Terrors"...

so how could i get the title of this?.. the only thing that doesn't change is the " - " part of it.. but thats not very reliable, and lots of programs do this... such as Notepad, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc...

would it be possible to get the process like "foobar2000.exe" and get the info of it..?

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from help



Retrieves the internal handle of a window.

WinGetHandle ( "title" [, "text"] )


title The title of the window to read. See Title special definition.

text [optional] The text of the window to read.

Return Value

Success: Returns handle to the window.

Failure: Returns "" (blank string) and sets @error to 1 if no window matches the criteria.


This function is for use with the advanced WinTitleMatchMode options that allow you to use classnames and handles to specify windows rather than "title" and "text".

Once you have obtained the handle you can access the required window even if its title changes.

hope that helps



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hah thanks, had a brainfart on this one =P

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