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IsVisible always returns success

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I have a simple windows form with 3 buttons on it. I need to check what ones are visible. The problem is that even when I pass in a rubbish value the control command always returns 1.

I've seen other people using this and think I might be doing something stupid. can someone help please? here is the code i'm using.


$ControlText = "DoesNotExist";

$isVisible = ControlCommand("Form1", "",$ControlText, "IsVisible", "")

MsgBox(4096, "",$IsVisible , 1) ;


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Welcome to the forums!

I can confirm that this is happening with AutoIt v3.1.1. This behaviour is not apparent in the beta; you will find that other v3.1.1 issues are also resolved making the beta more stable anyway.

Edit: What you probably should be doing is checking the @Error value, which correctly reports that there was a problem:

ControlCommand('Form1', '', 'DoesNotExist', 'IsVisible')
If @Error Then MsgBox(0x10, 'Stop!', 'That control does not exist!')
Edited by LxP
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Tested on CCleaners invisible progress bar

MsgBox(0, '', ControlCommand('CCleaner', '', 7, 'IsVisible', '') )

Run it when it is hidden intially returns 0.

Click Analyze then run again and it returns 1.

ControlCommand works as expected. As LxP notes, beta returns 0 for your test.

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