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Anything new to help control non-standard GUIs?

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Drat!  The third-party GUI I wish to control (Comodo Firewall 10) is - gasp! - non-standard! :'(  I'm not aware of any alternative but brute-force, horrifically ugly MouseClick() calls after using the AutoIt Info tool to manually determine the mouse coordinates of the two dozen pseudo-controls in six different windows  (kill me now!)

I don't suppose anyone's come up with a better alternative, like a magical UDF that finds the correct mouse coordinates of all those pseudo-controls based on it's text or something?  Anything?  Please let me know...


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On 2/23/2018 at 1:54 AM, orbs said:

before someone steps in with the IUIAutomation UDF, may i suggest you consider very carefully what is the purpose of your automation. i.e., what exactly are you trying to do, and is there another way to do it.

Thanks for the advice, which I find to be sound.  Before turning to the very unpleasant task of writing a script that needs to employ MouseClick(), I posted a question in the Comodo Firewall help forum asking if there was any way -- any way at all -- of communicating with the firewall application or controlling its operations other than by manually pressing the (pseudo)-buttons on the GUI.  I wondered if I might do this by sending it Windows messages or using the command line.  Unfortunately, although many had read the OP, no one has yet replied.  I then sent an email to the tech support staff, but I do not expect a helpful reply.

May I ask a question, please?  I took a brief look at the start of the thread describing the IUIAutomation UDF, and at first glance, it doesn't look like it will help me control a third-party application with a totally non-standard GUI. Of course, I could quite easily be extremely wrong about that. Do you have some experience or knowledge regarding that UDF that suggests it could indeed do that?


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