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ObjCreate with older versions dll's (delete me)

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edit:  delete/ignore.  Turns out only the SAClient leaves both versions.  the TDApiOle80 gets overwritten



I have many scripts written to manage the HP/MicroFocus ALM site and they are working fine, but we are in the process of upgrading to the new version but we will be keeping the old version for legacy apps since they are huge and we don't want to migrate that data to the new server.

Anyhow...  My scripts access ALM using the COM objects 

$oSAClient = ObjCreate("SAClient.SAapi")

$oALM = ObjCreate("TDApiOle80.TDConnection")


Currently I have to install the new client to have these work with the new version of ALM, but when I want to work with the old version of ALM, I have to uninstall the new client and reinstall the old version.

but...  I noticed that the old versions .dll files are still there after installing the new version.  so, is there some way to use these older .dll's even though they are not shown anywhere in the registry anymore?  I see the DLLOpen and DLLCall, but those have always stumped me so I'm not sure where to begin if that's what I will have to use.


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