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Need help with SysTreeView32 class

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Newcomer here. I am trying to install a software and I am stuck with controlling a Tree view. Using the Window Info tool, I see that the class is SysTreeView32. So I tried ControlTreeView commands. So far, I was able to use Expand and Select which tells me Im on the right track.


However, the Tree view is a little complex from GUI point of view. And I am not able to zone in on any elements of the Tree using the Window Info tool.

                                                                    Before                                                                                                         After



What I need is to be able to "Select" the "This feature will not be available" option for the "Databases|SQL Anywhere (64-bit)" item. However, I can only highlight the element using Select, not really SElect the value. I tried Expanding it but no luck

ControlTreeView($title, "", $optTree, "Select", "Databases|#0") ==> highlights it

ControlTreeView($title, "", $optTree, "Expand", "Databases|#0") ==> does nothing

I see this one ..

"GetSelected" [, UseIndex] Returns the item reference of the current selection using the text reference of the item (or index reference if UseIndex is set to 1).

.. but ControlTreeView($title, "", $optTree, "GetSelected", "Databases|#0") is either syntactically wrong or its not working. How do we even debug these AutoIT scripts? ? (praying for help!)

Since I identify the subcontrols, I am stuck at this point. Any help is much appreciated!



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oi thats rough and its kinda hard for anyone to help you without having the thing in hand

If you give up it might be better to look for a way to do it from the command line or even alter the installer to remove the feature

if its an msi / msi in a container look for http://lessmsi.activescott.com/

or msi_super_orca




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 Now the cmd  install opens a whole new world for me mate. Thanks :D

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