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AutoItX - intermittent issue when setting text on control on IE11

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I have a strange issue running my below code on IE 11(11.192.16299.0).

It works fine for chrome and firefox with different window and control parameters of course.

Basically trying to paste the text into this control and it works sometimes when debugging, but when running test it mostly doesn't. It works from time to time, but it makes the test completely unstable.

I used AutoIt v3 to check window and control ids and they are fine.

It sets focus on the control and all seems to be fine, but just doesn't paste the text and the test breaks.




I tried some loops with checking if the text is in there using ControlGetText and then retry to paste the text, but it seems it freezes in the moment it is trying to paste it and it just breaks the test in this moment.

I double checked that window and control ids are ok, tried with some wait window, set focus on window, control, tried to paste some different strings, set text a couple of times in a row, but none of these make the test stable.

Have you encountered this kind of problem?

Could you please advise what else I can try?






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