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Change all Identical Lines?

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I'm curious if there is a way to change all of my Sleep(300) to Sleep(200), without having to individually edit each one.  Long story short I've used sleep 300 a lot and it could be faster if I use 200, but I've used it a lot, and it would take forever to edit each one by hand...


I just ask because I notice when I highlight the sleep(300) it also colors all lines with the same text.  Is there a way to use that functionality to change all of them at once?

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you can do that with Sublime Text but in the AutoIt editor it's just Ctrl-H, right? then you can specify what to what.

in the future you can declare a constant for the timeout and use that instead of hard coding Sleep(200) all over the place. If you want to mass change, change it in one spot the constant declaration.

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I use ISN AutoIt Studio and can do it with a Find (Ctrl+F).

But I agree with Earthshine. Make your delays constant value and then just change the constant value.

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