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Function is not working on different computer

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hey there, 

this part of my program: 

_ScreenCapture_Capture(@DesktopDir&"\OCR.png",1241, 226,1619, 348)
$FN = ("C:\Users\Username\Desktop\OCR.png")
$sImage = ($objNode.Text)

is changing a screenshot into a base64 string. On my computer (win7 desktop pc) it is working totaly fine. 

On the computer of a friend (win10) it is delivering a empty string. 

For sure noone can actually solve the problem because I think the code is right but maybe someone got the same thing happen

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@lordsocke perhaps start with some error checking, so you can narrow down where it is failing. Confirm your ScreenCapture results in the expected file, then confirm that your ObjCreate works.


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Desktop DIR is security restricted DIR so users on the same PC doesnt have access to other users Desktop. I guess this is the root cause of your issue.
 For a quick test change the path to C:\temp and try again.

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