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I am making a program for manipulating basic AOL 9 commands. I know how to open the email, but i want it to open IF I have email, is this possible to detect?

you should be able to see a change in the title bar, or the window text, maybe the status bar? or maybe a child window is opened that you can search for... sorry i can't be too much help on this one, not an aol user
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I've actually been working on this myself. At work we have need to check for new AOL email, read the email, parse it, then pass it to an internal app through a browser. Not my prefered way, I'd just much rather have it all go to a *nix box and do it in PERL. <shrug> Boss signs the checks</shrug> so now I am scripting in Windows.

AOL uses a custom API so many of the more familiar ways of manipulating a GUI fail in AOL (using CIDs and CNNNs), well...in some areas.

If you can find there is a publicly released AOLAPI32.dll, somewhere out there in one of the intar-verses. I have no documentation for it, though. I understand that it was written for AOL 4, which is the basis of all the newer clients since then.

The Welcome screen does have visible text, including "You've Got Mail" followed by a digit, the number of new emails.

Your best bet is to keep using the AutoIt Active Window Info tool (THE TOOL). There are quite a few things you can do, but still a number that you can not do.

In the mail window there are two items of intrest to me, the headers (ClassNameNN Internet Explore_Server1), and the body (ClassNameNN Internet Explore_Server2). The text in both of these is not shown by THE TOOL.

I'm hoping that I can adapt some of the IE.au3 functions to help. I still have hope.


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