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Any Autoit pro's want some easy money? $15/hr...probably 10-20 hour project

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Hi - 

(Mods - I read through the forum rules, and I think this is OK to do? If not please remove - and my apologies)

I help some friends of mine who are amazon sellers with their accounting, and basically want to try to create a program to help me collect all of the necessary reports from amazon sellercentral.

Doing it by hand is quite time consuming. It's a combination of interacting with internet explorer, windows folders/directories, and excel.

The basic process is as follows:

- Loop through a list of user logins, logging in to sellercentral with the correct login (I have user permission to access multiple sellercentral accounts, in order to do accounts)
- Navigate to different portions of the sellercentral website generating various reports...sometimes reports take 1 minute to be ready to download, so I think it makes sense to request them, go and do other stuff, and then come back and collect the report.
- Some of the report data is .csv, some of it is just a table on the website which we will have to scrape the data from into an excel file.
- Save all reports in the user's unique folder.
- We will need comprehensive error checking in place, as ideally I can set and forget this program, but then at the end automatically check that I have all of the reports that I need.
- The reports that we generate are dependent on whether the reports already exist in the users folders..
- Finally: depending on how long this first section of the project takes there is LOTS of excel formatting to do...If the first portion is quick I will also assign this to whoever ends up doing it. Otherwise I know I can do this portion myself in VBA.

Actually I started this project myself, but hit a roadblock and realized the project is a bit out of my scope of experience, and is not a good use of my time, when a knowledgeable person could probably do it quite quickly....plus I have no clue about building in error checking safeguards. So ffar I have built the user login loop functionality, and generation of the first report. Got stuck at how to download it into a specific folder, and with a specific name. I tried Inetget, but because it is https it wouldn't work. I also couldn't input the username into the inetget command because it is an email address...

I would like to work with someone experienced and knowledgeable. I will be looking at your Autoit profile to see whether you are suitable or not, so please don't ask if you are just a beginner/intermediate coder.

I know it's not a lot of cash, but figured it would be a nice bit of money for someone out of work, with this skillset. I can pay by Paypal.

Let me know if you are interested!

Thanks for your help,








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