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Store results of pixelchecksum in txt or ini file then recall them in a script

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I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct location or not. However, I would like to take a pixelchecksum output and store it in an ini or txt file, then recall in in other scripts. Is this possible, and what is the recommended method?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello and welcome to AutoIt Forum. Here is a small example with comments:

; Get PixelChecsum for a region
$Checksum = PixelChecksum(10,10,15,15)
; Display value
; Write checksum to ini (in script directory)
IniWrite(@ScriptDir & '\myini.ini','Checksum','PixelChecksum',$Checksum)

; Read value from ini
$ReadChecksum = IniRead(@ScriptDir & '\myini.ini','Checksum','PixelChecksum','')
; Display read checksum


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