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How to use hotkeyset() for a specific input device?

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A device was on sale the other day, just a really fancy external keypad that let you kick off a bunch of macros.

I found where somebody had been using AHK and LuaMacros together to do very much a similar thing using a normal keyboard connected as a secondary keyboard.

Meaning the desired result is that your main keyboard works for typing, but input from the 2nd keyboard is treated differently and would trigger a hotkey.


I very much feel AutoIT can do this, but not sure where to get started.

If anybody has some ideas, please let me know.

My mind is floating around the unique vid&pid of a USB HID Device, but I am not sure how to intercept and target keys from a specific device.

Edit: Oh and I searched first I did find this thread where somebody was trying to do the same thing, but that threat never really took off and I did not want to necro post.



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That would be a sad state of affairs.

Let me clarify I am only wanting to do what we do no with native AutoIT functions; aka HotKeySet() but need to make it smarter so that it can detect what device it should be responding to.

I have a clearly defined, non malicious goal here to make my own keyboard full of hotkeys to use at home and work to help with productivity, and as always to enjoy the adventure of learning something new as it has been a while since I have come up with new ways to use AutoIT.

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There is no ban on mentioning AHK here, no worries, but don't go into discussions on building scripts in this other scripting language in our forums... simply use theirs. ;)


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