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WinHTTP - IQOption Login

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Hello everybody!

I want to make a script for IQ Option Autologin:


I have try to find something but i can get only the header and i cant login in this site

I have find also a API for login with Python:



# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
"""Module for IQ Option http login resource."""

from src.api.iqoption.http.resource import Resource

class Login(Resource):
    """Class for IQ option login resource."""
    # pylint: disable=too-few-public-methods

    url = "login"

    def _post(self, data=None, headers=None):
        """Send get request for IQ Option API login http resource.

        :returns: The instace of :class:`requests.Response`.
        return self.send_http_request("POST", data=data, headers=headers)

    def __call__(self, username, password):
        """Method to get IQ Option API login http request.

        :param str username: The username of a IQ Option server.
        :param str password: The password of a IQ Option server.

        :returns: The instance of :class:`requests.Response`.
        data = {"email": username,
                "password": password}

        return self._post(data=data)


Somebody know how works?

Thanks everybody and happy coding ;)

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