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Cannot Access File Dialog Controls

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Hi All,

This is my first post, so excuse the newbie mistakes. First, the meta-info:

  • I am trying to automate an application called AVL-Drive, a 3rd party app built on top of MATLAB for analyzing car transmissions.
  • I have what appears to be a simple File Dialog as shown in Fig 1.


Fig 1. File Dialog and AutoIT Window Info app.

The control at (1) is a ComboBox over an EditBox (evil programmers!) and the button at (2) is a standard button. I cannot get the Finder Tool to recognize the OK button. The textboxes for the Start/StopTime as well as the Template all are found by the Finder Tool (running in Spy++ mode). Mousing over the Files of Type ComboBox selects the whole grey area inside the dialog and returns [CLASS:#32770; INSTANCE:1], where #32770 is the class for the window.

When I do WinGetHandle("Open"), I get the handle to the dialog as expected.

All I want to do is:

  1. Select the first file name in the ListBox.
  2. Click OK.

However, the list control is a SysListView32 type, and it's not responding normally.

I will settle for being able to set the text on the File Name ComboBox and then clicking OK.

Yes, I've set the text on many other similar controls and clicked buttons with no problems.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

- Mycroft


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