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hello guys
i need ur help
i want click it
<span tabindex="0" id="Cell.0.8">
                                    <input name="_QSCR1_C" class="mrSingle form-control with-gap" id="_Q0_C8" type="radio" value="NA" questionname="SCR1" iscode="" openendid="" otherid="" isexclusive="true">
                                        <label for="_Q0_C8">
                                            <span class="mrSingleText">Không phương án nào trong số này</span>
this is hiden id and name i want click it
help me plz :(

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Your request is very unclear. Exactly which if the listed elements (span, div, input, label, span)  are you attempting to click?

What have you tried thus far? Show us your code.

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