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Is there a way to interact with Autoit Window Info programatically?

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Is there a way to get the information shown in the Autoit WIndow Info directly inside Autoit?

I would like to get the click coordinates in the script and then call something like a DLL to get all the infos normally shown in Autoit Window Info.

Or is there another library that helps doing that that is easy to use programatically?

I am happy for any suggestions.

Many thanks!

Best Schlirgg


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So you want to automate an automation tool...:huh2:

How about a detailed explanation of what you're trying to do, rather than the "kinda like this, something like a dll explanation"? The more we know the better we can assist.

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@junkew, I must tip my hat to you sir. With your wrapper, I was able to automate some really ornery OCX grid control (SofTree) ! It helped me find a way get it working with my unit test c# (unmanaged app automation) stuff. nice work, once again. Appium can't do it in these cases where it's unmanaged code.

If the OP wants to do this, we can help, it's actually very easy. It just required me to actually look at the uiawrapper source file to see all the good things you can do and his spy tool captures what you are interested in an all properties! very nice.

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