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$CALG_USERKEY what exactly is this for?

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When you are encrypting data, I am used to setting the algorithm. But I saw $CALG_USERKEY in the documentation but I have no context as to what algorithm that is. The documentation says it is value 0.

I would appreciate a heads up on what $CALG_USERKEY is for?


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If you look at the help file for both the _Crypt_EncryptData and _CryptEncryptFile functions, then you will see that it says that the $vCryptKey parameter can be either a password or a handle.  If you are using a handle, then you must use $CALG_USERKEY for the $iAlgID parameter for the _Crypt_EncryptData and _CryptEncryptFile functions.  The _Crypt_DeriveKey function lets you create a key using the specified encryption method (and hashing method if supplied).  The return value from the _Crypt_DeriveKey function is the handle that you would supply to the _Crypt_EncryptData and _CryptEncryptFile functions.



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Added references to the commands which can be clicked to go to the help file.
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