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Is It Possible

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A standard ListBox, yes. A custom ListBox, maybe. A ListBox in some Office 2003 application, Snowball's chance in hell.

sorry, some recent personal experience haunting me.


Raise your hand if you love how Microsoft's flagship products don't use their own API.

:D <--- She loves it, watch her raise her hand over and over.

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Ok I mis-spoke I mean a guisetcontrol("list"")

Sorry  :D

You get an example in the doc when you click on GUI reference .

That's the example you find in.

Opt("GuiNotifyMode",1); make all controls notify to avoid  
                                            ; GuiSetControlNotify() on each control 
GuiCreate ("My first advanced AutoIt GUI")    
                                           ; start the control definitions 
$nList=GuiSetControl ("list", "", 10,10); add prompt info 
GuiSetControlData(-1,"first line|second line")   
$nAdd = GuiSetControl ("button", "Add", 10,200,50) ; when click will add a line  
$nClear    = GUISetControl ("button", "Clear", 80,200); will clear the list control 
While GuiMsg () >0                     ; to display the dialog box and wait a click 
if GuiRead () = $nAdd then GuiSetControlData($nList,"text entry "& $n)   
if GuiRead() = $nClear then GuiSetControlData($nList,"")   

you can also read the GuiSetControlData that the function aims to create update the list.

good reading :huh2:

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