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Check box and text output

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Hello, I am new this this and picked up a lot but having trouble. I have two projects needing help with. 

First project, So daylily I receive orders and have to constantly click on 3 the time frames and accept them. How to I make autoit click on a each checkbox that changes its name for each order randomly? attach image checkbox1 before its check and after its checked


2nd, I have a excel with order numbers and need to look up each order number one by one to find out what tech completed the job. How would I make it where I input all the order numbers and autoit use the explorer to export all the tech name to the job number? attached techname.JPG




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Hi, and welcome to the forums.

Generally, you would use _IEFormElementCheckBoxSelect to check / uncheck a checkbox element. Beyond that, I didn't really understand your requirements, so I'm unsure how to help you further.

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