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value set on a combo-box gets refreshed after hitting on save button

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Hello Guys,


I have a combo-box and i need to set the value "Boeing commercial 767 ", it gets set for that value .However when i hit on save button its comes back to default value that is Boeing commercial 777.

Here is my code.

;Set the Program

Local $oIENew = _IEAttach("https://www.net-inspect.com/FAIRForm1.aspx","url")

_IEFormElementOptionSelect($oControl,$cboProgram,1,"byText")  ; Here $cboProgram is "Boeing commercial 767 ", i'm taking it dynamically from an excel sheet
 ConsoleWrite($cboProgram &@CRLF )   ;gives Boeing commericial 767 


; Hit on Save button




is there anything that i'm missing?




SaveButton png.png


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Hello  ,

Thank you all for your reply .


i had to add 5th parameter  that is 0 , which means do not fire onclick. 

Happy Learning!

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