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Ws_clipsiblings Force On Guicreate

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@jpm: what is this style for?

I found some information in the www but I can't really understand them...

Is there a problem with the gui-refreshing?

No problem in gui refresh even if the overlap of control can lead to specific problem.

I just want to be for sure that I can use this style for possible extension of controls.

I hope Larry or Valik or ... will help me.

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I'm also not entirely sure what it does.  Can you tell a difference in anything with and without it?

Thanks Larry and Valik for the info.

I try to have a CreateTab and the doc say that the parent windows must have this attribute.

I am almost thru the switching tabs are working with the mouse. I don't really see the difference with this damn attributes.

I need to master the background color, the tab switching with ctrl-tab and the clicking on control inside the tab.

Stay tune :D

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