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capture another programs tcp/udp data

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:P Hi, i want to capture what a certin .exe files TCP/UDP data that it sends and recives. I know its possiable using c++ and other programming language as many programs are able to do this, such as net limiter, HTTP Analzyser.. etc.

I basically want to stop an .exe from sending data, and capture all (just the http data) the data that gets sent to it, and then stop it from responding (this can be done by blocking that program via using a firewall).. by blocking it from sending data, and using my app to send the reponse data instead.

many thanks if you reply!

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Yes, in theory.

When a packet is sent, it knows its destination (IP/Host and port). You may use a packet analyzer like WinDump, analyze the packets you want and adapt your code to handle them.

It is a little bit tricky but you now have an idea if you want to go forward.

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