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call for help of devmgmt.msc

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Dear Sir,

I'm new to Autoitscript, and I have encounter a problem that need help.

After I power up my desktop, my device manager always has yellow mark next to LAN. (Windows 10)

I have to remove and remount to make it work correctly, and this is annoying.

I want to use autoitscript to remove and remount the LAN port every time I boot up my system.

After some research of sample scripts, I don't find exactly method for what I try to do.

The closest one are the following 2 script that allow me to turn on device manager automatically after boot up.

                 Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & 'devmgmt.msc', "", @SW_HIDE)


I don't know the difference to the lines above.

I need instruction about how to remove and remount specific devices with autoitscript.

thanks a lot.



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Moved to the correct forum, as the Technical Discussion forum very clearly states:


Do not post general support questions here, instead use the AutoIt Help and Support forums


"Profanity is the last vestige of the feeble mind. For the man who cannot express himself forcibly through intellect must do so through shock and awe" - Spencer W. Kimball

How to get your question answered on this forum!

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Instead of spending time developing a workaround to a relatively serious issue, wouldn't your time be better spent trying to find the root cause of the issue and correct it?  Or are you just using this issue to learn AutoIt scripting and its capabilities?

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I know this is H/W issue or BIOS issue. Yes, As your mention, I just using this issue to lean AutoIT scripting and capabilities.

I know I can use script like press keyboard, step by step. But I also want to does any other way like function call do this process more smart. thanks .

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