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Win x64 problem

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Hi all here's my problem

FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\programs\SYSTEMTOOLS.exe" , @DesktopCommonDir,1)

;FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\ddlogo.bmp" , @Systemdir & "\oobe\images\",1) ;alternative for the logo image

FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\programs\*.*" , @SystemDir,1)

If FileExists ( @WindowsDir & "\SysWOW64\cmd.exe") Then ;detect if Windows x64

;FileCopy(@ScriptDir & "\programs\*.*" , @WindowsDir & "\system32\,1) ;not working goes to \SysWOW64

Msgbox(0,"Win x64 detected","Run" & @ScriptDir & "\copy.bat" & "to complete instalation)


DirRemove (@ScriptDir & "\programs\",1)

Msgbox(0,"INSTALLATION COMPLETE","Delete folder " & @ScriptDir)


If i run copy.bat from autoit it runs 32-bit cmd.exe and copyies to \SysWOW64

Any idea will be grateful

Happy Holidays


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AutoIt3 is a 32-bit application so all work is done in the "compatibility" mode.

For now only reference to the registry cross mode can be possible see reg functions.

for macros as @WindowsDir & "\system32\" I am not sure that win_X64 will not do any redirection as for the registry so you cannot go around from a 32-bit process as AutoIt3 is.

I cannot have access to a X64 machine so I cannot verify what can be done if any.

If you have some more precise information in searching in the MSDN please help us.

PS to know if you run under a X64 window it is better to use the @ProcessorArch macro. :P

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