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A pretty cool AP invoice automation project has stopped working and I think my best move is to have a professional debug and or recreate the faulty section(s). I do a bunch of mostly simple batch automation in my ecommerce work but a general IT consultant helped me put this together and I think it more complex than necessary.   The attached vbs script does most of the work after being called in a cmd.bat in Win7:   start  /min c:\windows\syswow64\cmd.exe /c CSCRIPT Z:\Invoice\Scripts\InvMonConvert.vbs

Project outline: Process invoice PDF files, scraping the data (Invoice #, account, total $, Reference) from contents to ultimate file name. Using 1. Totalpdfconverter to text then 2. Monarch.exe to read text to simple csv files, then 3. rename original file using scraped details.  

This project is has a lot of potential and the conversions (1 and 2) are, generally, not the issue.  The vbs script is not writing the final file properly or consistently, but does move on to deleting the scraped text.  It could be as simple as a rights issue, but I mostly do not want to invest in this vbs script any longer.  Fairly clear too that it is in my best interests to adopt a simple, consistent dev platform like Autoit.

I appreciate any support or freelance offers.



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Locking thread as it appears you are interested in finding someone to code it for you. We do not support that, but anyone interested is welcome to contact you via PM to work with you directly.

As we are a "teach a man to fish" forum, if your interest is to learn AutoIt and how to convert the script yourself, please let me know and I will unlock.

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