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Adding 2 Variables Together

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Quick question hopefully

Say I have the following


$SP_VERSION = @OSServicePack

How could I get $TOTAL to equal them together with a SPACE inbetween

So that it would be $TOTAL = Win_XP Service Pack 1

I need something like $TOTAL = ($OS_VERSION( + ($SP_VERSION)

But I do not know how to write it...please help

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You can use all 3 variables, but you don't need to. Instead, you can do something like this:

$FullOS = (@OSVersion & " " & @OSServicePack)
MsgBox(0, "OS", $FullOS)

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egridley has ir correct.

To add numbers use +

To concatenate strings and variables use &

To do a Logic question use AND



"Foo" & "Bar"="FooBar"

if 1=1 AND 2=2 Then ; This is true

con·cat·e·nate    ( P )  Pronunciation Key  (kn-ktn-t, kn-)

tr.v. con·cat·e·nat·ed, con·cat·e·nat·ing, con·cat·e·nates

1. To connect or link in a series or chain.

2. Computer Science. To arrange (strings of characters) into a chained list.

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