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_ChooseFileFolder: display folders on drive but not recycle bin

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This code is showing an empty treeview:

$sPath = _CFF_Choose('Choose drive or directory',   _ ; $title
            Default, _                                  ; $iW
            Default, _                                  ; $iH
            Default, _                                  ;$iX
            Default, _                                  ; $iY
            'H:\', _                                    ; $root
            '|$RECYCLE.BIN', _                          ; $mask: exclude recycle bin
            2)                                          ; $display: Entire folder tree, no files

What do I have wrong?

With $iMask as Default, this code works as expected: folders on H: drive, including $RECYCLE.BIN)

(I am including Melba23's ChooseFileFolder.au3, not the version to which I have added mapped drives and drive labels.)

Melba23: I think you answered this question from me before, but my goggling did not find your answer.

Edited by c.haslam

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