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Insert Data from SQL To a PHP&HTML page

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Hello does anyone got any idea or a demo code of how is posibile to read sql data and send it to a php page,so i can't explain it so good,but i will give a try with a example it can be easier to understand what i want to say.

COLLUM ID      |         USERNAME        |      PASSWORD       |      EMAIL     
        1                 |          mumu                |       mumu22          |      mumu@autoitscript.com
        2                 |          acow                   |         acow33           |     acow@autoitscript.com

So this is the example of the database :o

Let's say that i want this script self complete a formular in php with the data from sql ex:

Running script 1 will self use the collum ID 1

What's collum id ? (this will be already seted up in script )
What's the username of that collum id? (Script gets the data from sql)
What's the password of that collum id?  (Script gets the data from sql)

Verifying if the data is correct,a document.txt is created and show up the inserted data and the php & html code collum that has been completed using sql data,he will show just "yes", "no"
IF Data is correct then the option to send the data will be "YES"
Else if Data is incorrect then he will just say a error message "incorrect data,or anything like this" by pressing no button


I don't want a personal "CODE ARMY:evil:" with all the respect to the people that know a lot much more then me:>,i just need a bit of help with this little projecto:),thanks for your attention.
Have a great time :) 


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