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Get Control handle C# and AutoIt

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Hi folks,

I'm trying to get control handles from a form in another program I created using C# and the AutoIt library.  I'm able to get the form handle and the get the control class list but then I cannot get the Control handles parsing through the control class list. Ive tried every example I can find yet always fails. Below is a snippet of what I'm using:

hWnd = WinGetHandle("Form1");




classList = WinGetClassList("Form1");

sControls = classList.Split('\n');

sCurrentClass = sControls[0];

// all is good to here!!!

// below are the things I have tried to get a ctrl handle including the actual ctrl ID using spy

hControl = ControlGetHandle(hWnd, "", "[CLASS:" + sCurrentClass + "; " + "INSTANCE:1]");

hControl = ControlGetHandle(hWnd, "", "[CLASSNN:" + sCurrentClass + iCurrentCount + "]");

hControl = ControlGetHandle(hWnd, "Form1", "523560");

hControl = ControlGetHandle(hWnd, "", "[CLASS:STATIC; " + "INSTANCE:1]");


Thanks in advance for any assistance!!!

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