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AutoIT and Internet Explorer and cookies?

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I am new here, and just starting to use AutoIT (with CyberArk)...

I am using AutoIt to run Internet Explorer, to automate logins with CyberArk.  I can get the login working but then when it tries to go to the target, it is being redirected to the login page.

From debugging, it looks like after the login, the target IIS is sending a set-cookie but then when the IE sends the next request, it is not including that cookie, so the IIS is not accepting the request to the target and redirecting the browser to the login page.

If I run the same page directly, with the same IE, it works fine.  I login, and then the browser goes to the target page.

So I am guessing that when IE is running "under" AutoIT, it may not be accepting or persisting the cookie that is sent by the IIS server.

Is there something additional I need to do in the AutoIT script in order to allow the IE to accept and persist the cookies?



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