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copy folder and subfolder contents

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Ok, I give up. I've searched the forum and can't find a nice simple way to copy a folder's entire contents to another drive.

I am trying to copy the files and folder structure from my networked hard drive to my computer.

Thanks for any help!

Here is what I have;


FileCopy("\\Linksys_disk\disk 1\Backup\portableAPPS\*.*", "C:\portableapps\")

but that only copies the files in that folder. How do I get all the other folders copied?

Thanks again!

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FileFindNextFile(), have you tried that in a loop? Look at the example in the helpfile. Also did you try DirCopy?

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I've tried and given up trying the findfirst findnext thing. About the only programing I have is using QBasic. I've read both examples and do not understand the whole thing. Why can't I just use *.* that gives me an idea perhaps I could just call up the command line and use xxcopy. Would that be easier?

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Smoke_N is right, I think;

DirCopy from help file;



Copies a directory and all sub-directories and files (Similar to xcopy).

DirCopy ( "source dir", "dest dir" [, flag])

Otherwise, you only need Xcopy probably unless you have special needs; look at links in my signature for

1.Doscoms and

2. recursive functions

of various sorts on directories.


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