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ControlClick based on AutomationId

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Hi Expert,

I am using AutoItX3.dll for automation of windows application in C#.  

For getting the control name i am using Au3Info application but some time it does not give me control name.  So as second option I started using Inspect.exe [UIAutomation]. I can find the AutomatioId. 

But i dont kwn how to set control click based on AutomationID. Below is my code. 

I have tried name and AutomationID both

MyAutoIt.ControlClick("Calculator", "", "Name: num5Button", "LEFT", 1);

Please help me out.



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Thanks for the reply. It was helpfull.

I did tried link info. i can able to send value to calculator. Calculator is just the option i was trying. 

But if Auto Info window is not giving Control Name how can we use name given by inspect and set and get value to it 

MyAutoIt.ControlClick("Calculator", "", "[Name: Five]", "LEFT", 1); // name from inspect


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 You can only use AutoIt on applications with standard Win32 controls. Forget this for Calculator in Win10 and other newer .net apps

you still have options in this language but it becomes ugly fast for non win32 apps

Start by reading FAQ 31

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