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Call a .exe and set variable

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Hello guys,

little ask.

I'm writing two scripts, the first one retrieve data from a website and work with then (just numbers and calculations)

The second one is a module that send email (using smtp/mail UDF provide in this forum)

So, the variable $mMessage stores the body of the mail message, this variable exist in the mail module (an .exe called sender.exe)

Also, this variable exist  in the first module to.

So, i wanna "generate" the message body in the first module and send this variable to the second module, like this:

Run(@scriptDir "\sender.exe" -$mMessage)

In this way the mail Sender module will take the variable generate in the other process and put this in the mail function called mailsend() and send the message.

I'm working with .ini file to share parameters, but this time i can't use for security issues, some values in this message must be hidden!


Thanks in advance.

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I'll try this and soon post the results.

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