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I am using the Chrome UDF to open a web page in chrome and then clicking on tabs by using the send codes below.

I am at a point were these send commands just are not going to cut it!

If I look at the "Source Code" for a particular pick list, it looks like so:
<select id="cas11" name="cas11" tabindex="13"><option value="">--None--</option><option value="Device Initiated">Device Initiated</option><option value="Email">Email</option><option value="Fax">Fax</option><option value="Inbound call">Inbound call</option><option value="Internal Department">Internal Department</option><option value="Online chat">Online chat</option><option value="Order Intake">Order Intake</option><option value="Outbound call">Outbound call</option><option value="Social">Social</option><option value="Web">Web</option><option value="WhatsApp">WhatsApp</option><option value="White Mail">White Mail</option></select>


Based on the source code I am trying to use :
_ChromeInputClickByName("cas11") - The result should be that it click in the picklist box, were I would then start scrolling to the option I want with more Send commands.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Send ("^f")
Sleep (700)
Send ("New Case")
Sleep (700)
Send ("{Enter}")
Send ("^{Enter}")


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A few comments --

  • Using Send is not reliable and should be used only as a last resort
  • What was the outcome when you tried using _ChromeInputClickByName?
  • A number of people have had issues getting the Chrome UDF working with Windows 7/10. If you have issues, you may want to look into the newer Webdriver UDF (see my sig)
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Thanks DANP2.

Totally agree on the send commands!!!
The outcome with the UDF was just that it did not work, outcome was like it did the last step before it and just, finished.

I will do some research on the Webdriver UDF and see if it can help! Thanks for that tip.

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OK, have been trying to figure out how to get started with this UDF but not able to figure out

I presume I need to start with creating a sessionID as everything is dependant on it

if I add     _WD_CreateSession($sDesiredCapabilities='{}')

Keeps indicating it used used before declaration.

Is there a help file on this UDF or example scripts that I can study to see if I can perform clicks in my web page (SFDC) based on source code "Name"
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