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Updated iniedit.au3

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Hello All,

First I'd like to say, this is a great forum. I am new to AutoIt and find the posts and scripts to be excellent. There are many talented folks here, and it really helps my learning curve.

One of the best ways for me to learn a new language and syntax is to start with a functional script and modify/enhance it to see what it does. I found a quite functional script here in answer to another's question by Alexander Wood to edit ini files.

The additions and modifications are documented in the code, but some of the basics are:

-Sample GUI added with menus, buttons and password protection to open the ini editor.

- Encrypted password generator dialogue copies value to clipboard for use in the GUI.

-If the ini file doesn't exist, the editor will now create it with a temp section and temp pairs rather than exiting.

- If the Section or pair edit dialogus are cancelled at any point changes to the ini are not saved preventing blank values from being inserted.

- Folder select and file open dialogues have been added to the add and edit pair dialogues.

- Encrypted pair value option has been added to the add and edit pair dialogues. Will encrypt/decrypt entry in ini file.

- Sample ini file included in zip.

Beta required. Place iniedit.au3 in the includes folder and inieditGUI.au3 and the sample ini in the examples folder.

As I said earlier, I am new to AutoIt and would appreciate any comments or constructive criticism on the coding.

Thanks to Alexander Wood and everyone else who is so helpful and posts this great work to these forums.



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