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Windows Focus for Java based application

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Hi All,

I am launching Java based application and injecting the credentials. As of now the behavior of script getting changed every time its launched. I found that since its java based its loosing its focus from the current window.

First it will launch the main page and will request for profile to be created and then pass credentials in next window. On each window I am using hotkeys to move to next window. While script is executing by mistake it i click on other tab its looses its focus. How to make it so that it should not loose its focus?

PFA screenshot for your reference.

Any help on this is much appreciated. 


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Thanks for your inputs. Sorry I am new to programming and trying to understand on how to use JAB. I have attached my code here, is it only i need to call JAB function untill where i want to have focus set or different. Can you guide on that I will try accordingly and test.


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