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Functions to save/restore variables in a string

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The attached file contains func VarsToString and func StringToVars

and supporting functions.

Execute(VarsToString('a,b,c','s')) saves the names, values and

scopes (local, global) of variables $a, $b and $c in string $s.

Execute(StringToVars('s')) restores all the variables in string $s,

preserving scope if possible.

Supported variable types are Array (any dimensions), Array in Array,

BinaryString, Bool, Float, HWnd, Int, Keyword (default only) and String.

Objects and Structs are NOT supported.


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Fantastic stuff! I like the way that you accept input variables -- it allows for any amount of data to be saved into one location.

You may wish to consider making the output slightly more 'friendly' for writing to files etc.; I would suggest escaping anything that isn't a letter, number or otherwise 'standard' character (including things like line feeds) because saving states across sessions is probably where your work would be extremely useful.

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