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Where to Hire expert's development service?

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Hi All,

After failing to hire programmer to whom I would pay for using his development service via different websites like freelancer dot com, upwork dot com, people per hour dot com, fiverr dot com and websites like this, I was searching further how and where could i get developed what i need. I was trying also different programming companies. Most of them didn't even reply, the ones that did where too expensive by far. In my research i discovered that what i want to have (preferable desktop software but it can also be web application) may be done via AutoIt since as far as i saw, AutoIt can recognize (and report screen, email, sms alerts) not just text changes on website but also graphical changes, e.g. entire pictures, part of pictures, etc. I don't have any experiences with programming / scripting. 

So my question is pretty much obvious but i will ask it in direct way and indirect way:

direct way: Does anyone of you offer paid development service and is at least partially available to take a new project? Detailed description what i need Will be sent by me upon your request so you can review everything in detail, tell me the price of your service how much would I need to pay, approximate delivery date and of course method of payment. Please contact me. I am not sure if I am allowed to put contact email here on forum so to avoid disrespecting your rules, I Will rather say to kindly send private message or reply here please.

indirect way: Where else could i found someone who would be willing to offer development service?

Thank you very much in advance.






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