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Need help with simplest use of GuiCtrlCreatePic

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I finally have a simple use for what I thought was the default case for GuiCtrlCreatePic.

"To set the picture control to the same size as the file content set width and height to 0."

My GUI is 600 x 800 and the JPG on disk is 800 x 1200. So I'm expecting the image to completely fill the GUI and then some.

But the image displays at about 150 x 150, no matter what I try (such as using SetImage after creating the Pic).

There was a thread a few years ago that seems to cover this use: link  Has the "0, 0" specification stopped working?  Does the image have to be smaller than the GUI?

Any help will be appreciated.



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You're right. This looks like a bug

I just tested using a Pic with the "0, 0" specification , a 1600x1200 jpg, and a 800x600 gui, and I got this :
- with AutoIt v. , the image is displayed real size (bigger than the gui)
- with AutoIt v. , I get a 150x150 square, and dimensions <> 0 are needed to display a different size

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