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Guido being a dumbass

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Who da hell are you? :P

No offense. :lmao:

no, the question is who the fuck are you coming here and making all these usless posts, seriously

mods feel free to censor my words.. or it would be better if you just booted mixture :(

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Just a piece of advice: stop here because you are sliding down hill again and are getting back to your old bad habbits......

Happy newyear

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Live for the present,
Dream of the future,
Learn from the past.

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I split this topic from here since this has spiraled into a typical Guidosoft post.

JdeB, can you save us all some trouble and just go ahead and place the ban? We've all already read this book half a dozen times so we know how it ends so lets just jump to the last page and get the ban over with and skip all the intervening crap.

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