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Progress History UDF

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Happy NEW Year, finaly after a lot of faitures i finished my first UDF,

it holds two functions: _ProgHisInit() and _ProgHisSet()

Here is my sample code, please try and make comments to it.

UDF, save as GuiProgHis.au3:

#region Header
    Title:   Progress History UDF Library for AutoIt3
    Filename:  GuiProgHis.au3
    Description: A collection of functions for creating and updating a Progress History.
    Author:   JRSmile
    Version:  T1.0
    Last Update: 1/1/06
    Requirements: AutoIt3 Beta ( or higher), Developed/Tested on Windows2000 Professional
    This is just a simple POC release, it is not very fast and hast a mad cpu performance as result.
    Update History:
    T1.0 1/1/06
    Initial Release - error handling is not present right now, documentation has just begun, only initial UDF standards met.
    \\\ Core Functions
    Creates a progress history out of progressbars
    Updates the progress history created with _ProgHisInit()
#region Core functions
; Function Name:    _ProgHisInit()
; Description:    Creates a progress history out of progressbars
; Parameter(s):  $x           - relative position in the GUI x-axis
;                  $y             - relative position in the GUI y-axis
;                  $width       - width of the history
;                  $hight       - hight of the history
;                  $bgcolor   - background color of the history (default: black)
;                  $color       - color of the history (default: green)
; Requirement(s):   $x,$y,$width,$hight
; Return Value(s):  On Success - Creates the Progress history at the desired coordinates.
;                  On Failure - NONE
; Author(s):        JRSmile
func _ProgHisInit($x,$y,$i_width,$i_hight,$b_bgcolor = 0x000000,$b_color = 0x00FF00)
    $s_list = ""
    for $i = 1 to $i_width step 2
        $s_list &= "|" & GuiCtrlCreateProgress($x + $i, $y, 3, $i_hight,$PBS_VERTICAL + $PBS_SMOOTH)
    $ai_List = StringSplit($s_list,"|")
    return $ai_List
EndFunc  ;==>_ProgHisInit

; Function Name:    _ProgHisSet()
; Description:    Updates the progress history created with _ProgHisInit()
; Parameter(s):  $val         - the new value to be added to the history
;                  $ai_List     - the progress history handler to be updated
; Requirement(s):   $val,$ai_List
; Return Value(s):  On Success - Displays the updated history
;                  On Failure - NONE
; Author(s):        JRSmile
func _ProgHisSet($i_val,$ai_List)
    Local $s_List,$ai_UpdatedList
    for $i = 2 to $ai_List[0]
        $s_List &= "|" & GUICtrlRead($ai_List[$i])
    $ai_UpdatedList = StringSplit($s_List,"|")
    For $i = 0 To (UBound($ai_UpdatedList) - 2)
        $ai_UpdatedList[$i] = $ai_UpdatedList[$i + 1]
    Local $i = (UBound($ai_UpdatedList) - 1)
    $ai_UpdatedList[$i] = $i_val
    for $i = 2 to $ai_List[0]
        GUICtrlSetTip($ai_List[$i],$ai_UpdatedList[$i] & "%")
EndFunc  ;==>_ProgHisSet

the example, save in the same folder:

#include <GuiConstants.au3>
#include <GuiProgHis.au3>
GuiCreate("Progress History Sample GUI", 400, 80)
; easy way to integrate it in a gui
$ai_List = _ProgHisInit(0,0,400,80,0x000000,0x00FF00) 

While 1
; just give it a variable and everything is done for you.

func close()

$a=StringSplit("547275737420796F757220546563686E6F6C75737421","")For $b=1 To UBound($a)+(-1*-1*-1)step(2^4/8);&$b+=1*2/40*ยต&Asc(4)Assign("c",Eval("c")&Chr(Dec($a[$b]&$a[$b+1])))''Chr("a")&"HI"Next;time_U&r34d,ths,U-may=get$the&c.l.u.e;b3st-regards,JRSmile;MsgBox(0x000000,"",Eval("c"));PiEs:d0nt+*b3.s4d.4ft3r.1st-try:-)

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Hey that's really neat for your first UDF JRSmile... no comments, I just ran the code, hadn't looked at it yet... but good job!

Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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