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    • By ioa747
      a attached Menu bar for SciTE

      Edited July 26, 2022 by ioa747 UpDate: Menu bar for SciTE  UpGrade   
      Edited August 3, 2022 by ioa747 UpDate: UpDate data base & add the 'User Defined Function'
      Edited January 13, 2023 by ioa747 UpDate: Update the data base to Autoit_Ver
      Edited March 1, 2023 by ioa747 UpDate: to SciTE_PlusBar_1.0.0.25
    • By ahha
      In a program I'm writing I often have to refer to prior code I've written to get variables, etc.   This involves scrolling up/down a lot.  Presently I open a second SciTE window and dump the earlier code I'm working on in it, and go back and forth between the 2 SciTE windows but sometimes I edit the wrong window.  Is there  a way to horizontally split the SciTE window into 2 code views?  Much like other programs allow (like Word, Acrobat, etc.)?  
    • By ioa747
      I have a question.
      what is the -w- 7 parameters ?   and why it is with '-' after w
      ...  or refers to an older version of AutoIt and no needed any more !

      I did not find relevant information.
    • By BlueSkyMemory
      While Scite doesn't support high dpi, I open it in compatibility settings. But it brings another problem:My au3 app automatically enables high dpi, causing gui disorder.
      I've tried #AutoIt3Wrapper_Res_HiDpi=N but it doesn't work. I'd appreciate it if you could offer some help. Thanks.
    • By edubensa
      Hi! Can someone help me with this? I upgraded from SciTe Edit Lite to full version. Now every time I edit a script it opens on a new SciTe tab, but I want it opens on a new window like before the upgrade. Can someone help me with that? Thanks!!
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