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I am afraid I am not using the right method of passing my moz url string and hoping someone with experience working with the moz api can point me in the right direction.

Using winhttp to post the data is returning a 401 error (permission denied), yet I am certain that the data I am passing is correct, and the format is correct.

So my best guess at this point is that I should be using something other than winhttp to post the data.

For clarity:

[1] The exact same credentials work on my php script, so I know they are good.

[2] The string format I am sending via winhttp is good (I use this particular method extremely frequently in other projects, just not with this particular api)

[3] The only potential sticking point is the encoded signature, but since my php creates that for me, I feel certain it too is correct.

So, if you happen to have moz api experience, a nudge in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Update: I figured out the issue I was facing... Self-inflicted wound!  I had my signature being created using the wrong time.

Now, once I figured that out, the response text still shows a 401permission denied error message BUT I believe that is simply because IE cannot read the .json file that is returned and instead simply pops open the browsers save dialog.

Using the same url in chrome or firefox  works perfectly, but since I really do not want to leave IE, I'm now at a point where I need to figure out how to either get IE to read that file, or make it so that it saves the file for me without the save prompt ever displaying.


Final Update: A simple inetgetsource took care of it! - I truly love autoit! (no matter how much frustration it provides :-)

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