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Problems with Inputbox and domainadmin credentials

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Im trying to change a key in registry with credentials from a domainadmin. But it does not work.

Here is the code.

Dim $User, $Pass, $Domain = "domain"

$User = InputBox("Inloggning ", "Username", "")

$Pass = InputBox("Inloggning ", "Password","", "*")

; Set the RunAs parameters to use domain adminstrator account

RunAsSet( "$User", "$Domain", "$Pass",2 )

RegWrite( "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon", "AutoRestartShell", "REG_DWORD", 0)

If I test the script with Beta Run it never stopps executing. It seems that i dont get the domainadmin rights to do the regsitry change.

I would be very happy for some help :P

Best regards


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This line

RunAsSet( "$User", "$Domain", "$Pass",2 )

Should be

RunAsSet( $User, $Domain, $Pass,2 )

You do do not need the quotes round variable or they cease to be variables.

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Thanks for your answer. But the problem remains. So i tested to put the username, domainname and password directly i the RunAsSet line, just to be shure that it was not the inputbox that generated the problem. But it still does not work.

Any suggestions?


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