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_IELoadWait error

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Hello there.

I don't have google toolbar, but google desktop instead.

How about the other members participating in this discussion? Do you have any google-related software?

I also have some other products that integrate with IE toolbars... I'll test this, it'll take a while...

Strange, ain't it?

But thanks for the hint :P

EDIT: typos

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Well here I am with some bad news, I think...

I decided NOT to include the IE.au3 file in my test script, so that every step in the script would be clearer to isolate, if needed.

The code below is what I ended up with:

While 1
    $o_object = ObjCreate("InternetExplorer.Application")
    If IsObj($o_object) Then
        $o_object.visible = 1
                                $o_object.navigate ("about:blank")
        ConsoleWrite("ERROR! NOT AN OBJECT!")

Now you would ask, among other possible things: "why the ConsoleWrite("okay...")?"

Well, turns out that after a couple of loops, the script sent an "okay..." message to the console, and then generated an error when setting the property visible (the action could not be performed within the object or whatsoever). You see, the error occurred RIGHT AFTER checking for IsObj()... this is something way out of my understanding.

This happened several times and, when I was about to restart, I closed some open processes and tried again... Guess what? No errors anymore... Opened the processes again and... still no errors... But the worse part is that this error is no longer associated just to the _IELoadWait() function, but also all the others that involve this kind of object.

NOTE: among all the processes I closed and opened again, there were NO internet explorer windows involved.


EDIT: the post was missing some lines.

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