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This is an odd one I need some help with. We have a selenium c# automation project with a windows auth box. We were passing in the user/pass in the url string but we started to notice some issues. I wanted to setup AutoIT (used it before on many projects and always works great!) and see if this fixed the issue we were seeing but the url we go to is an internal ip:port. Should not matter but when I goto the url ex. the browser (chrome and ie) opens and pops the modal but then fails with:

OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: 'The HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL http://localhost:7233/session/be85ee0483da9772b136488bed19c43b/url timed out after 180 seconds.'

It appears that webdriver is waiting for something to complete and I can't get to the next step.  I then tried Firefox which actually adds the user/pass and logs in but fails from this point forward because it thinks there is a modal open when there is not. I tried to close the mythical modal but then it threw an error that no modal exists. 

I have tried the below but each one loads the page and then throws the error.
    _webDriver.Url = url;

I am thinking this is an issue with selenium or possibly some internal security setting we may be using. I wanted to see if anyone else is seeing this issue or ran into it before and has a work around. Any ideas?

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