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IE help needed

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First, I confess, I don't know the first thing about HTML. Here is my program. It is designed to be driven by clicking double-click of a AVI , MPG, or WMV recording in Explorer, or choosing OPEN, or Play. The object is to bring up a msagent to MC the program, by reading list of actors, then reading a plot synopsis. Then play the recording. That's the scenerio. The program is set up so you don't have to have any recording. It accesses www.tv.com, looks up the series. Gets a list of episodes, then accesses the episode I am interested in. It pulls up a summary and what I need help with, is retrieving the text that is visible (without the ads). I can handle the rest. Can someone help? The Source of the Final screen is attached:

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
; AutoIt Version: 3.1.0
; Author:        Lee Cole <leecole@igfoot.com>
; Script Function:
;   Template AutoIt script.
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#Compiler_Res_Comment=;Comment field

#Compiler_Res_Description=  ;Description field

#Compiler_Res_Fileversion=  ;File Version

#Compiler_Res_LegalCopyright=Lee Cole leecole@bigfoot.com;Copyright field
#Compiler_Res_Field=Email:|Lee Cole leecole@bigfoot.com |Subject: AutoXvid
; Script Start - Add your code below here
    Global $TvFolder
    Global $TvFilename
    Global $TVSeries
    Global $TVEpisode
    Global $TvFormat
    Global $TvChannel
    Global $TvUniqueId
Func DescribeTV($tvin)
    Local $_i, $_y

    $_i = StringInStr($tvin, "\", 0, -1); Break between Path and Filename
    $TvFolder = StringTrimRight($tvin, StringLen($tvin) - $_i + 1); Path
    $_y = StringInStr($tvin, ".", 0, -1); added to handle filename.tp
;$TvFilename=StringTrimRight(StringTrimLeft($tvin,$_i),4); Filename
    $TvFilename = StringTrimRight(StringTrimLeft($tvin, $_i), StringLen($tvin) - $_y + 1); Filename changed to handle filename.tp
    $TvFormat = StringRight($tvin, StringLen($tvin) - $_y); FileType changed to handle filename.tp
;$TvFormat=StringRight($tvin,3); FileType
    If StringInStr($TvFilename, "-(") Then
        $TvSeries = StringLeft($TvFilename, StringInStr($TvFilename, "-(") - 1)
        $TvSeries = StringLeft($TvFilename, StringInStr($TvFilename, "-", 0, 1) - 1)
    $_i = StringInStr($TvFilename, "(", 1, -1)
    $_y = StringInStr($TvFilename, ")", 1, -1)
    If $_i > 0 And $_y > 0 And $_y > $_i Then; We have a Series
        $TvEpisode = StringTrimRight($TvFilename, StringLen($TvFilename) - $_y + 1)
        $TvEpisode = StringRight($TvEpisode, $_y - 1 - $_i)
        Else; special, movie, news, or reality show
        $TvEpisode = "Movie, Reality, or a Tv Special"
    $TvUniqueId = 1
EndFunc ;==>DescribeTV

#include <IE.au3>
if $input="" Then $input="My Name Is Earl-(White Lie Christmas)-2005-12-06-0_cut.avi"
$o_IE = _IECreate ()
_IENavigate ($o_IE, "http://www.tv.com/search.php?type=11&stype=all&qs=" & $TvSeries, 1)
 _IEClickLinkByText($o_IE, $TvSeries, 0,  1)
 $Url =  _IEGetProperty($o_IE, "locationurl")
 $Url = StringLeft($Url,StringInStr($Url,"/summ",-1)) & "episode_listings.html"
 _IENavigate ($o_IE, $Url, 1)
$doc = $o_IE.document
$links = $doc.links
For $link In $links
    $linkText = $link.outerText & ""; Append empty string to prevent problem with no outerText (image) links
    If StringInStr($linkText, $TvEpisode) Then
        $result = $link.click
MsgBox(0,"test","We are there!")


Edited by leecole

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