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[Never mind] Editable Input text control AND button?

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I'd like to have a GUI control that is both clickable as with a button but also allows the user to directly enter and edit the pre-suppllied text.  It seems very likely that such a thing exists, either with standard controls or perhaps as a UDF, but I'd appreciate recommendations.  I'd like to do this under Event Mode.

As an example, the GUI would open with an editable input  text control already containing the default path to a file or folder. The user would then be able to do both or either:

  • - Click this control as if it were a button to trigger browsing for the file/folder
  • - Enter a file/folder path directly.

This is similar to @trancexx' FileSelectFolder UDF, in that it allows direct input. However, that UDF doesn't provide file selection (folders only), but the main difference from what I'd like to do is that it's still a pop-up file system browser. I'd like to bypass that if the user has a specific path already in mind or in the clipboard.

I can code it up myself, but I'd very much appreciate some recommendations for how best to accomplish this. If it works out and there's not already a UDF to do this, I will happily publish one.



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As I was falling asleep (when I do much of my best thinking), I realize that what I was asking for can't possibly work. I should have given the matter more thought before posting this silly question.

You see, In the case where you want to type or paste a path directly, you still have to click in the field, which would be indistinguishable from a "button" click, ninny!  :sorcerer: (pretend that's a dunce wimple)

Sorry about wasting your time...

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