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Get and kill process PID when you know the username and process name

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I hoping some of you young people can help an old man get off the nickel...  I have a small project I'd like to complete before I retire.  My problem is that on a terminal server environment I need to be able to detect the PID of a process by 'process name' AND 'process owner' so I can kill that specific process and not affect others who may be running the same process in another session.    I can seem to do one or the other but not both.  Can anyone please point me in the right direction?  Thanks very much in advance. -Glen

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I may be talking above my level, but if you have the capacity to detect the PID by the process name and detect the process owner - both of which I found example scripts, the way to implement killing a specific instance of that PID without affecting other kiosks would be to install an executable that is made into a service that receives TCP flags signaling to kill the process on that particular node that is determined to be disabled. On your server, you would have to set up a TCP transmitter that would send out the flag to the receiver. I have seen this work in AutoIt example scripts in the past. I'm not experienced enough to write such code on my own, but I understand the concept and can work from example scripts. I hope this can help point you in the right direction. Hopefully, someone more experienced can help you even more.

RAID Calculator | Software Installer

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