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IE get element without id or name

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Hi, Guys


I'm trying to make a login in one website, but, in the textbox element don't have id, classname, and name.

There's another way to get this element?

I tried to use the id in the "tb-ted-id" attribute, but it doesn't work.



<input type="text" min="" max="" match-data="" placeholder="Username" title="Username" ng-disabled="disabled" ng-required="required" ng-model="textValue" ng-model-options="options || {}" ng-keydown="keydown({$event: $event})" tb-enter="modelCtrl.$commitViewValue(); onEnter({$event: $event}); triggerEnter()" ng-paste="onPaste()" tb-auto-select="autoSelect" tb-focus="focus" tabindex="0" tb-test-id="textbox-username-input" autocomplete="off" autocorrect="off" autocapitalize="off" spellcheck="false" ng-trim="true" class="tb-text-box-input tb-enable-selection ng-not-empty ng-dirty ng-valid-parse ng-valid ng-valid-required ng-touched" name="username" required="required">

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loop through all inputs, and match using .getattribute("tb-ted-id") to match the text you desire.


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